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2018.07.12 Brooklyn No-Names_0529.jpg

Sometimes getting what you need means you have to lie. Sometimes you have to hand your email address to an insta-famous dickbag or date a cokehead production designer... 
A filmmaker and a musician, who just moved to Brooklyn post-grad with no professional credits, desperately search for artistic success in a series of awkward, fucked-up encounters. A play that frames NYC as your shitty ex-boyfriend who felt no need to satisfy you. Being committed to him threw you into self-induced isolation if only to temporarily escape the pressure. A fast-paced comedy about loneliness.
Two actors play fourteen New Yorkers desperately searching for community. The play premiered off-Broadway at the 2018 SheNYC Summer Theater Festival in the East Village. The production was awarded "Best Direction" (Diane Meo) and "Best Script."

BroadwayWorld Article HERE

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